Are stocks halal or haram?

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Are stocks halal or haram?

Сообщение#1 » 18 апр 2024, 23:32

It is a question that is asked by many who invest in stocks, especially Muslims who want to know the halal stocks that can be invested in, especially since halal stocks work in permissible businesses such as technology, medicines, and clothing, and there are no suspicions about them, so it is permissible to trade in those stocks.
الاسهم الحلال بالسوق السعودي
The legitimacy of shares in trading is due to the activity in which they operate in accordance with Islamic Sharia, and shares become permissible to trade in, whether they are Arab, American, or international, especially since when you buy a share in a company, it means that you are buying the ownership right to that share, and when you buy a share in a company A global company, such as Exxon Mobile, is a partial owner, with the possibility of making a profit from the distribution of periodic dividends and the increase in the value of the stock in the financial market.

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